Happy Republic Day Trinidad and Tobago (originally posted 24.09.2017)

Happy Republic Day to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago! 🙂

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What is Republic Day all about?

Although Trinidad and Tobago gained independence on August 31st 1962  Her Majesty the Queen remained the Queen of Trinidad and Tobago and all citizens continued to owe allegiance to Her.

The citizenry of Trinidad and Tobago after many years of being a monarchy decided that Trinidad and Tobago should no longer be required to owe allegiance to the Queen and should become a Republic having a Head of State from within.

Out of this desire came the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Act, 1976.   The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is governed by a bicameral Parliament.  The Constitution provides for a President, a Prime Minister and a Cabinet system of Government under which Ministers are responsible to the legislature and, through it, to the country.

Truth be told although Republic day is celebrated on September 24th every year Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1, 1976.  We celebrate the event as a public holiday on September 24th  because this is the date when the first Parliament met under the new Republican Constitution.

How is Republic Day celebrated?

Various ceremonies are held throughout the island such as the President’s speech to the nation, have parades along with other festivities and feasts.  Some people celebrate this day by making delicious food and sharing it with family and relatives.

Some schools even have their students perform various patriotic events just one day prior to the public holiday.  Some people celebrate the day by watching horses race in the Royal Oak Derby at the Arima Race Club.

However, you choose to celebrate Republic day let us never forget what this freedom means as we are ultimately responsible for our own actions. We should strive to not only live in peace with each other but respect each other also.

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Awakening and Growth (originally posted 23.09.2017)

You used your words to break me down

And that turned my smile upside down

Blinded by my love for you

I forgot I had to love myself too


I allowed my ‘true’ self to be locked away

Not believing deep down I had some say

Or that one day I would find my way

My way back to my true self,

That special me I hid on a shelf


Now that my blood no longer runs cold

And a new purpose fills my soul

Not even you could keep me back in this world

As I turn my lessons into ink

I look to the future and can’t help but think


Thanks to you I have created a new path

Thanks to you I have made a fresh start

Thanks to you I have seen the light

And I’m happy to report it is beautiful and bright.


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Health and Wellness Fridays – Exercise (originally posted on 22.09.2017)

Health and Wellness Fridays – Exercise

Hello and Welcome back to Health and Wellness Fridays! How is your day going so far?  It’s Friday, so no matter what’s going we can still be grateful for that! 🙂

Today, I’m going to be looking an exercise.  Yes, I said it.  Now I know there are those of you who have no hang ups about the word and in fact enjoy it very much because of what it does for the body and mind.

However, there are some of us who have not gotten to that point in our lives just yet and this word can often be associated with muscle pain, muscle cramps and shortness of breath just to name a few.  As such it is not an activity some of us naturally gravitate to.  We sometimes let the negative side effects (mostly temporary) deter us from starting exercise and more importantly sticking with it.

However, over the years we’ve heard and even seen how exercise can change our lives and our bodies for the better.  Exercise however, is not limited to just going to the gym.  It can include activities such as walking, jogging, running, swimming, yoga, dance and many sport activities that require us to move around.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of exercise.

  1. Controls your weight
  2. Reduce your risk for heart disease
  3. Improves your mood
  4. Boost your energy
  5. Promote relaxation and better sleep
  6. Improves your sex life
  7. Reduce stress
  8. Boost self-confidence
  9. Improves your memory and brain function
  10. Good for your muscles and bones (especially when paired with adequate protein intake)
  11. Improves skin health
  12. Reduce pain
  13. Increases strength and flexibility
  14. Increase life span (natural disasters and other non-controllable variables aside)
  15. Combat depression
  16. Improve your body image

Exercise or getting active is one way to help improve our health and our lives.  I won’t sit here and tell do it everyday but what I would recommend is finding and starting something we can stick with because not doing anything would be hurting us more than helping us in the long run.

Do it by yourself or get some friends and or family members to join in. Make exercise fun, laugh with not at each other, support and encourage one another.  You’ll be improving your health and your relationships hopefully in the process.  Once we adopt a positive attitude towards it, approaching it as a different way of having fun and getting and staying healthy we’ll reap the rewards. 🙂

Talk to your medical professional about what is best and safe for you based on any medical or health concerns you might have.

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What’s Up Wednesdays #16 (originally posted 20.09.2017)

Hello and welcome back to What’s Up Wednesdays!  Hope you’re all having a good week thus far.  I’m happy to say that my health has improved and I’m almost back to 100%. 🙂  A special thanks to those of you for your get well wishes.  I really appreciated it.

Today was a very hectic day and honestly, I’m beat.  I feel guilty about not being able to deliver this post the way I would like to but my mind and body are just too tired tonight.

This week has been draining but productive so I won’t complain. It’s been a challenge to eat on time but I try to do right by my body.  I’ve eaten mostly soups for the last week but today I had Chinese food for lunch – pepper shrimp with noodles and vegetables.  Thankfully, it was not too spicy.  I was craving it so I just had to get it. No regrets! 🙂

I’m excited about my future even though I don’t know exactly where I would be or how things would all turn out but I know I can’t live in fear.   It is with this knowledge that I choose to adopt a positive outlook on life as I move forward trusting God and aligning myself to receive my blessings and his favour in every aspect of my life.  I claim it and receive it in Jesus name. Amen!

I’m still to finish to my Orphan Black series. 🙁

As for the shopping, the way I’m feeling tonight we should be getting a new queen mattress to go with my new pillows. I’ll work on that. 🙂

Is there anything new to report?

The giveaway! I have not forgotten.   I just have to organize the details this week and hopefully I can run it next week.   That’s it for tonight dear friends.  Stay blessed and not stressed.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night!


Differences (originally posted 19.09.2017)

Not because we can’t see value, worth or ‘substance’ in someone else doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

Some use differences to separate and divide.  While others choose to celebrate and embrace them.

Sure our differences make us different but that’s not a negative thing?  These differences create opportunities for us to grow, learn and develop.

Being different isn’t the problem.  Being closed-minded about it is.

For our eyes can only see what’s on the surface.  It’s up to us to dig deeper.

Let’s be proud of who we are and never let anyone make us feel inferior or unworthy.

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Music Reflection Mondays #12 (originally posted 19.09.2017)

Hello and welcome back to Music Reflection Mondays!  Hope you all had a good start to your week and that all is good with you.  Today I want to look at where we would be without music.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without music?  A very scary thought – don’t you think! Just imagine…

  1. Long lines in financial institutions will be even more daunting as you try to patiently wait your turn as you pass the time.
  2. Long drives with nothing but listen to but each other if you’re lucky to have company. Depending on the company in the car though that could be really tough. 🙂 Or never-ending talk on the radio.
  3. Being stuck in traffic would be even more draining. Talk about torture!!!
  4. Browsing or shopping in malls especially the really huge ones could be a little discouraging when you think about the distance you have to walk to get to some of your favourite stores.   You never really notice how far you’ve walked while walking and listening to the music.
  5. Exercising without music.  I would not even think about it. Music helps to distract me most times from the side effects of the workout. 🙂
  6. A  party or social gathering of friends and family without music to help them relax and enjoy themselves. Would it still be called a ‘party’?
  7. How would some of us de-stress after a long day at the office?
  8. Where would some of us find the strength to cope with some of the painful moments of life without the support, encouragement and wisdom that some songs give us?

Life without music seems so boring, black and white even.  Music brings with it a sense of power, energy, colour and life that we can’t help but smile, dance and sing along as we listen to it.

Do you agree? Can you imagine what your life would like without music?

I for one can appreciate what music does for me. Don’t underestimate it’s usefulness or influence on your life.

Have a great night and a wonderful week. Thanks for stopping by.


Health and Wellness Friday – Simplicity (originally posted 15.09.2017)

Health and Wellness Fridays – Simplicity

Welcome back to Health and Wellness Fridays!  Today, as the topic suggests I’ll be talking about the simplicity of health and wellness.

Yes, being healthy and taking better care of our bodies does not have to be complicated and technical although at times it can feel that way because there is just so much information, products, options and opinions out there.

Everywhere you look there’s someone or something saying, ” Do this! Don’t do that! Eat this! Don’t eat that! It can leave anyone struggling to get and live healthy feel overwhelmed and just frustrated trying to do everything.

The good news is we don’t have to do everything! However, there are some things we should do. Here are my 13 tips for working towards being healthier without the pressure. 🙂

  1. Love yourself enough to do and eat what’s best for you.
  2. Strive for balance in your meals not too much of any one food group.
  3. Take it slow and be gradual in the adjustments you make. Don’t be too drastic in the measures you try to implement. 
  4. Make realistic goals.
  5. Create short-term and long -term goals for yourself. Example: I want to reduce my sugar consumption or I want to  eat more fruits and vegetables per day.
  6. Create and start an action plan to help you meet your goals. 
  7. Encourage a friend or family member to team up with you as you both try to live differently and support each other.  It’s easier to do when you don’t feel like you’re alone but it’s not necessary.
  8. Don’t give up!
  9. Get active. Activity of any type be it dancing, running, walking, swimming, sports whatever you choose do something and stick with it.  Movement is good for our hearts and our bodies and is a step in the right direction.  🙂
  10. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get anyone to join you on this journey.  Remember, who stands to benefit from a healthier and happier you.
  11. Believe in yourself.  Be your own coach, your own motivator. Being negative and having the wrong attitude would only work against you. 
  12. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short of your goal.  Assess why and take corrective action to reduce this in the future and move forward.
  13. It’s alright to treat yourself every once in a while once you’ve acquired the self-control to not overindulge.  

Sounds simple enough right.  Being healthy is a lifestyle so what we do and eat affects our health.  Therefore, if we pay closer attention to what and how much we put in we’re doing better already. 🙂 We have more control than we think but we have to use it and this is often where the challenge comes.  Accept responsibility and get proactive in your self-care.  🙂

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.