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Crime affects me and crime affects you

It’s us versus them, this much is true

So what are we going to do?

Stay home and hide

While the criminals walk around with pride

While families hold their heads and cry

Asking God why, oh why, did he have to die?


We can’t sit around anymore feeling blue

There is only so much one person can do,

But if we unite we could win this fight

No more fear and no more fright

Wondering if you’ll survive the night


We must band together and protect each other

This crime thing is no laughing matter

Talking done,

The criminals have had their fun

Time for them to put down the guns

We need peace

So let’s clean up the streets


By: Cherylene Nicholas

Do you have the COURAGE

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Do you have the courage?

To stand up for what you believe

With no fear of what others may perceive


Do you have the courage?

To do what is right even if you must fight

For yourself or another

Do you need a minute to ponder?


Do you have the courage?

To walk away from the one you love

Even if you have to push and shove

To escape the grief and disbelief

As you lie there in those empty sheets


Do you have the courage?

To face your fears despite the tears

Go pass the hurt and find your worth

Ignore what they say dust off your shirt


Do you have the courage?

To look within and not treat courage like a sin

Don’t let your demons win

Stand up brave and tall; don’t be afraid to fall

Whatever you do never give up

Just keep reaching for the top.

By: Cherylene Nicholas


If only

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Have you ever wondered if you could go back

To a time in your life where things were not so black

To a place in your life

Where there was not much strife

Where you could be you and I could be me

Pure and innocent

Wild and free

Untouched by the pestilence known as hatred

That sometimes fills the air like rotting garbage every where

Its stink can be found almost everywhere

Sucking up all the fun

Should we run? Should we fight?

How could being ourselves not be right?

We must resist the cold and instead be brave and bold

Be ourselves no matter what we’re told

So you be you and I would be me

Because in the end that’s when we’re truly free.

If only…

By: Cherylene Nicholas



Hey YOU over there!

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Steering me down from head to toe
Talking about me like I’m some kind of show,
No time to waste to get up in her face
I won’t let her dictate my pace
People will talk, that’s what they say

She’s even got her friend commenting too
She smiles and she steers as she sits on her chair
She better stop, before I go over there
Now I’m counting from 1 to 10
Then I repeat it again

People will talk and that’s a fact
In your face or behind your back
So what do we do? Sit there and feel blue?
Just tune out the noise with grace and poise
Let’s lift our heads up and never give up

Forget the chatter and always remember
Being yourself is all that really matters.

By: Cherylene Nicholas


Take Action

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You can’t help but wonder, “why even bother?”

As you sit there and sunder

About all of your silly blunders

Some say they feel something and yet, others feel nothing

Isn’t that strange, why is it, only a few change?

What’s the difference?  Some took ACTION

The rest with no traction, stayed stuck in the muck

Any progress made, just left there to fade

Still chilling with their crew, who often have nothing good to do

One step forward, two steps back

Angry with the world for what’s left of their soul

If you’re not getting traction, it’s TIME to TAKE ACTION

Please don’t sit there trying to refute

What we both know, is the undeniable truth

You’ve lost your way and I’m saying, it’s okay

It’s the dawn of a new day and you WILL find you way

For as you change your disposition

You will create a new position

One full of hope, strength and truth

Come one,  come all and pay tribute

To new beginnings


By: Cherylene Nicholas

Message: Simply saying positive things is not going to fix your problems.    For real and lasting change to take place in our lives we have to take action, make changes in our thinking, behaviour and sometimes in our friends (removing any negative people).  If we can do this, then the real transformation can start.








Hidden Realities


” She is so beautiful!,” they often whisper

Just under their breath because she’ll surely fret

Little do they know what lies beneath her beauty

Are tales of mistreatment and untold cruelty

She does not believe the kind words of others

Especially about such superficial  matters

She dismisses the matter as simple child-like chatter

Because she knows words do not really matter

As she heads home in despair

Thinking no one knows, no one cares

The voices in her head, wishing she were dead

But instead with haste she rushes home, “I can’t be late, I can’t be late”

She missed the bus, oh what a fate!

And now almost to tears she faces her fears,

As she cautiously enters the room she utters, “Honey, I’m home!”

Greeted with silence by what was once her loving partner

She braces herself for what might come after

He gestures to hit her but laughs at her manner

Hitting and belittling his wife was a laughing matter

With his words and fists, he would keep her in check

For NO wife of his would show disrespect

She is allowed to explain

As he twisted her arm inflicting pain

“This is my last chance”, she thought

Her chance to be free, free from this violence and misery

So she kisses him good night and goes to bed without a fight

For soon, she will take flight, in the middle of the night.

By: Cherylene Nicholas

Moral: Do not judge people by how they look or even by the words that come out of their mouth. You have no idea what’s really going on in their lives or in their minds.  Be grateful for the life you have.  

I felt inspired to write this poem let me know what you think.