Life Challenges

Daily Post Prompt: Catapult

Sometimes in life when the challenges come

We miss the lessons because we feel overrun

What is the point of all this?

Shouldn’t this life be full of bliss?

What lesson exactly, did I miss?

What’s the point of some of this misery and pain?

Are they meant to drive me insane?

Just when we feel like giving up

Just when we wished the world would stop

Just when we’ve said, “enough is enough”

In come our blessings to catapult us up

Up, above and out of the strife

Up and into a better life

All we had to do was endure

All we had to do was explore

Digging deep into our core

Soon to discover we are so much more.


Author: Cherylene

Cherylene, is an aspiring writer whose desire is to help people nurture and develop the best version of themselves. Through her writing she hopes to encourage her readers to dig deep both spiritually and mentally to heal and enlighten the mind, body and spirit.

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