Rushed is how I would describe my week

So much to do, so much to tweak

Can’t tell you the last time I got a full night’s sleep


Christmas is my favourite time of year

But as my Annual Christmas function draws near

I’m trying to complete everything and eliminate all fear

Please Lord let everything go off as planned and let everyone

Be satisfied with all we have done


As I bid you farewell

Please know that thoughts of blogging are still in my head

I have not been reading as much as I should

But as soon as I get more time, I definitely would

So no matter what comes your way

Make good use of each day.



Thanks for stopping by.Β Β  Have a wonderful day.


Author: Cherylene

Cherylene, is an aspiring writer whose desire is to help people nurture and develop the best version of themselves. Through her writing she hopes to encourage her readers to dig deep both spiritually and mentally to heal and enlighten the mind, body and spirit.

10 thoughts on “Rushed”

  1. Oh not at all Mr. Mel. I just got caught up in the rhyme. πŸ™‚ My time is limited to blog and read other blogs but I’ll check in when I can. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I am loving the rhymes Cherylene. Everything will be wonderful, everyone will appreciate all the work. Praying your pace slows a bit, just as I pray mine will too. I haven’t been able to read much or post anything on my blog, for that matter LOL. It will all be back to normal soon, you hang in there :):)

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