Happy One Year Anniversary

Heavenly Father on this beautiful Wednesday morning I want to give You praise for bringing Living vs Existing to this significant milestone. Today as I celebrate my one year anniversary, I will continue to put my trust in YOU for the direction of this blog and my life. I ask You Father, to continue to bless me, my blog, its readers and subscribers so that we are blessed by each posts in some way. I surrender myself  to YOUR influence. 

May Living vs Existing continue to bring enlightenment, encouragement, understanding, joy and hope to all who visit. I leave the success of this blog in Your hands.  All the favour and growth it receives is because of You so thank you. In Jesus name, I pray and give thanks. Amen!

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A special thank you to ALL of my readers and subscribers who continue to visit, support and give encouragement.  You are ALL greatly appreciated and I am blessed to be included in your lives. May we be blessed as we continue to support and lift each other up. 🙂

As we move into the uncertainty of 2018 and beyond, the only thing we can be certain of is that God is GOD today, tomorrow and forever.  He wants us close to Him.  He wants us to know His love is NOT like earthly fickle love.  He wants to rescue us from all the heartache and pain.  He wants us to walk in His favour and confidence sure of WHO He is and who we ARE not who we were.  The only voice to trust is HIS.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops in this journey called life.

This day is a great one so go out and enjoy it. 🙂





Happy Anniversary – Budding Regardless


Today, Budding Regardless which is run by the lovely Mbalenhle is celebrating 1 year today.

Happy One Year Anniversary Budding Regardless!  Mbalenhle you have created an amazing blog and you are an amazing blogger.  Best wishes to you on this very special day.  May you continue to enlighten and inspire all that visit.

Mbalenhle has shared in her post today some very important things that she has learnt over the past 12 months.  She shares her insight and her wisdom.   You can check it out here it’s called 12 Things I Have Realised in 12 Months.

I look forward to achieving this significant milestone as well in the not too distant future.  Thank you Budding Regardless for the insight and smiles you bring to my day.

Happy Anniversary!!!