Dig Deeper

So what, if they don’t like you!

So what, if they don’t think you fit in!

So what, if they have negative things to say!


Reality check, the likelihood of every single person you meet liking you is slim.

‘Fitting in’ to any group if it is where you’re meant to be should happen naturally and should not require you to become someone you’re not.  It’s nice to be liked by others but it’s more important that we love who we are first.

We all have our preferences and that’s okay.   Why should we change who we are, what we’re all about for people to think we’re cool and worth knowing.  The truth is, they are the ones losing out.

As for any negativity that may come don’t pay it any attention.  You are none of those things so don’t even give it a second thought.    The fact that they are making time to sit down and talk about you means you have more going on for you than they do, clearly.  The haters are going to hate, that’s what they do!

Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy. Keep your head up, stay positive and make each day about you doing something good for you and someone else.  Share the love. 🙂

You are who you need to be.  Embrace it, explore it, develop it and love it! 🙂

If you ever feel the need to make improvements to any aspect of your being – (physical, spiritual or psychological) do it because you want to not because you want to please or satisfy anyone else.

Sometimes we just need to hear that we are good enough just the way we are.

Have a great weekend!