Music Reflections Mondays #20 – “Too Good At Goodbyes”

Welcome back to Music Reflection Mondays!  Most of last week I was bombarded by various radio stations with this song from Sam Smith called Too Good At Goodbye.    

Every time I hear it, it takes me back to chapters in my life when “goodbyes” were needed but were so difficult because of the emotional attachments.  The lyrics are so relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship that ended up taking more than it was giving or just was too toxic for you to continue to survive in.  I think he penned it beautifully.

Relationships come and relationships go and based on our history or patterns with our partners we adjust emotionally and expose less and less of true selves to reduce the feeling of loss and disappointment should things not work out.

It is a sad song as it highlights the emotions, thoughts and frustrations of someone in a relationship who is just so tired of the roller-coaster ride that walking away is the BEST alternative.   Walking away is never easy but I love Dua Lipa’s New Rules song.   I like how she list the rules as she attempts to get over the failed relationship.  She has a more upbeat approach to the situation. I love it!!!! 🙂



Health and Wellness Fridays : Self-control

Hello and welcome back to Health and Wellness Fridays!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday. Tonight, I want to talk about the challenges most of us have in exercising self-control especially as it relates to our eating habits.


Let me first start off by saying that this is an area I personally struggle with.  I know all the right foods to eat and all the unhealthy foods to avoid and yet in spite of all of this knowledge and wisdom – it can be really tough to walk away sometimes.  I know for a fact that I’m not the only person with this issue but let’s keep the focus on me. I don’t want you guys feeling bad or guilty. So just hear me out. 🙂

Self-control means that not only do we have the POWER to control ourselves, our choices and our decisions but that we actually USE that power in our best interest.

I believe we all have self-control the challenge is applying it to the areas of our lives that we have relinquished control – for some it is their finances, others their relationships, and so many other areas but mine is junk food. 🙁

Do I have self-control? Yes! Is it effectively applied to every area of my life? No. Food is one of the most challenging areas for me. Sure, I have the good stuff like my fruits, veggies, nuts, multivitamins, and so on but I also have occasional fries, fried chicken, pizza and Chinese food from time to time.  I know what I have to do and yet there are times when I decide to just throw it out the door and just have what I want and not necessarily what I need.

Do I love myself enough to do better? Yes!  So what’s holding me back from committing fully to the process?  Let’s find out.

  1. Cravings – old habits where you can’t help but want what you want even after you’ve implemented new habits.
  2. Enablers – the people around me who love the same stuff I love so it’s easy to fall back into it.
  3. Self-talk – where I convince myself I’m in control and I walk into an establishment leaving self-control at the door as the aroma of food fills the air.  He better not watch me crossed eyed when I’m walking back out with my fast food in tow so he can pout all he wants.  🙂
  4. Emotional eating – if I am feeling stressed out  you could believe that I am going in search of my comfort food KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) or a good BBQ. It does help to be honest but I do feel guilty after so all I end up doing is transitioning from one emotion to another.
  5. Not eating on time.  This is a major factor in me making poor food choices as I let my sense of smell and sight along with my hunger pains determine what I eat and how much.
  6. The belief that because I make healthy food choices most times that  I can have occasional ‘feel good food’. Life is just too short for diet rigidity.

All of the above factors make self-control over eating habits more challenging.  How do we overcome them?

  1. Eating on time. I try to add little snacks like yogurt, fruit or even nuts to help me not feel as hungry since I’m often stuck behind a desk.
  2. Try to monitor my stress levels and try to distract myself with music to take my mind off of whatever is attempting to throw me off.
  3. Monitor the self-talk. If I feel like convincing myself to go through the drive thru I would try to give myself reasons why I probably shouldn’t go – the line is just too long, the chicken might not even be fresh or the fries might be hot.  It works most times.
  4. As for the enablers, I just started saying NO especially if I already indulged once or twice for the week then anything after that is a no. I end up talking down their cravings as well. Of course, they’ll be a little disappointed and I’ll probably have to provide an alternative but at least we saved ourselves from overindulging.
  5. Cravings – I try not to stifle my urges entirely because food makes me happy. I have made an effort to regulate how often I would indulge for the week and month and try to stay within or under that goal making sure not to exceed it. Example, I might have KFC 2 -3 times for the month rather than 2-3 times for the week.
  6. Being honest with myself about what my weaknesses are and trying to put things in place to improve them for the betterment of ME.

Self-control is inside of each of us we just have to tap into it meaningfully. We all stumble from time to time and that’s okay. We need to support and encourage each other especially in areas of weakness – so let’s pick ourselves up and keep pushing forward. When we give up on ourselves self-control walks out the door.

Our health and wellness is just as important as those other areas of our lives that we apply self-control to if not more so.  It is there to protect us but it can’t work if we don’t use it.

Have a wonderful night and an amazing weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.

What’s Up Wednesdays #10 (On a Thursday?)

Good morning all.  How was your Wednesday?  Most of you may have noticed that I did not post my regular “What’s Up Wednesdays” post yesterday.  Yesterday, was a really long day and by the time I got home from running all of my errands I was just too tired. I know it’s a day late but I’ll get you up to speed. 😉

What I’m eating this week:

For dinner last night, we ate out since we were already out and hungry so I had BBQ ribs with fries and cole slaw.  After a long day I decided I needed to eat something nice.

Sorry no pictures of my dinner last night but I included a lovely picture from Pixabay. 🙂 I will tell you this their ribs cannot compare to the soft, succulent ribs that Ruby Tuesday would prepare but a girl’s gotta eat. 🙂

What I’m reminiscing about: 

The simple life! Days when I did not have so many things to do.  Almost everyday I have something that requires my attention so I have to be constantly on the go.  I look forward to slowly down and just relaxing.

What I’m loving:

My life and my family!  We have faced various obstacles over the years but we stuck together, never gave up and kept trusting and believing God to bring us through it all.  I pray and ask God to continue to bless us, protect us and grant us his favour in every single area of our lives from the eldest member of my family to the youngest.

What I’ve been up to:

I’ve been all over the place getting quotes, viewing tiles and all sorts of other home improvement products.  Driving around from place to place in itself feels like exercise leaving me at the end of the day mentally and physically exhausted.

What I’m dreading:

Not being able to accomplish the goals we’ve set for the vacation period.

What I’m working on:

Juggling my time and resources.  For many of us this is a constant struggle as we try to find a balance between the two.

What I’m excited about:

__  __  __  __  __  __  __  __   If you guess correctly, you get 5 points? If you follow my blog you should know the answer this. 🙂

What I’m watching:

Honestly, I’ve just been too tired to sit down and really enjoy television. One show I do remember watching recently was on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) called ‘The Other Mother‘.  The show was about a divorcee who was surprised to learn her ex-husband remarried a younger woman; and even more surprised to learn of the dark and treacherous past of his new wife.

LMN is not a channel I watch too often because their movies tend to get me all worked up emotionally. This movie was no different.  They know how to stir up emotions I’ll give them that. 🙂  What have you been watching?

Who/ What I’m listening to:

Wild Thoughts – by DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

What I’m wearing/ Let’s Go Shopping:

Yesterday, I was looking at home furnishings so we’ll go shopping for some. I’ve always seen Wayfair commercials on television and just love the possibilities. Here are a few of my favourites.


Mosaic Living Room Collection             Burke Living Room Collection


Eres Panel Bedroom Set                       Manhattan Panel Bedroom Set

What I’m doing this weekend:

I wish I could say kicking back and watching some television but I have more stuff to get organised this weekend.  I will be doing some painting around the house.  I actually enjoy painting because I love seeing the transformation of the space I’m working on.

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

Next month is my birth month September 🙂.  My birthday is on September 4th. I’m definitely looking forward to waking up on that special day and thanking God for allowing me to see another year.  Although I’m already grateful for everyday I get. 🙂 

What else is new?

a.    b.   c.        d.

My self-care products! I recently bought some new products geared towards promoting a healthier more beautiful me. 🙂 Aside from diet and exercise, our bodies could use the help from time to time of products to help boost our performance and enhance our appearance. Check them out.

a. Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

b. Biore Blemish Fighting Astringent

c. Vitabiotics  Ultra Cod Liver Oil with Omega 3

d. Vitabiotics – Osterocare Original

I’ve put it off for some time now mostly because I usually focus on the kids and whatever is left I try to get stuff for me.  This unfortunately does not always work out.  Thankfully, this time we all got what we wanted (mummy included).   I committed to the process and followed through with it. Yayyy!! 🙂

That’s all for now.  Make the rest of this week a great one!

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂