Life and Choices


In life we all have things we struggle with.  What separates us however, is how we choose to see and handle those challenges.

Should we allow them to weigh us down?  No,  but sometimes we do.

Instead let us CHOOSE to identify our weak areas and OVERCOME them one day at a time.

So let’s agree to STOP beating up ourselves over what’s NOT right in our lives and START  CELEBRATING what is!

In life we have the amazing power called choice.  We can use it to either LIVE the lives we HAVE or work towards CREATING better ones.

We can even opt to include a third option, where we try to AVOID or RUN from our problems. I’ve tried this and I’m sure some of you have too and I for one can say that it’s only temporary.   We need long-term results.

So, what do we do?

LIVE the lives we HAVE and if we don’t LOVE them – we should at least CHERISH them. Let’s CREATE the lives we NEED and try not to OBSESS over the lives we WANT.

For what we want is not always what we need. 

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Happy Earth Day!

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The earth is our home

Her abuse we should  not condone

She provides us with food, clothing and shelter

All we have to do is protect her

Replenishing where we can

Always giving a helping hand

She keeps giving and we keep taking

Sometimes forgetting that she requires up-keeping

Some of us recklessly dump our waste

With no regard for the consequences 

Will our children or grandchildren be able to mend the fences?

Let’s not allow selfishness to deprive us all

If not now, then when? 

It’s not too late my friend!

If you do your part and I do mine

Hopefully in the end she’ll be fine.


By: Cherylene Nicholas

Celebrating the earth and doing things to protect her should be a way of life.  We all have a part to play, it all adds up in the end.     Thanks for stopping by. 🙂