Let Us Just Be

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Let’s strive to be WHO we are meant to be and make no apologies for it.

Let’s embrace the possibilities and disregard the negativity that may try to discourage us.

Let’s explore the unknown and give life to the notion that we might be the missing link to so many problems and issues in the world but we have to be willing and bold.

Let’s be grateful for our blessings for without them we could not have made it this far.

Let’s seize opportunities for they are stepping stones to new chapters in our lives.

Let us help when and wherever we can because it is the right thing to do even though we may not always get a “Thank You”.

Let us empower ourselves to be the heroes the world so desperately needs us to be – as you do you and I do me.

Let us support and encourage each other because we ALL can use a cheerleader from time to time. 🙂  Pushing us along the way to persevere another day.

Let us remember to live, love, laugh and forgive along the way. These simple acts may help extend our lives each day.

Let us never forget to pray as this for me is the only way, to start and end each day.

Lastly, let us just be and as you work on YOU and I work on ME together we’ll be growing independently. Learning as we go along the way to appreciate and value every single day.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops in this journey called life.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Crime affects me and crime affects you

It’s us versus them, this much is true

So what are we going to do?

Stay home and hide

While the criminals walk around with pride

While families hold their heads and cry

Asking God why, oh why, did he have to die?


We can’t sit around anymore feeling blue

There is only so much one person can do,

But if we unite we could win this fight

No more fear and no more fright

Wondering if you’ll survive the night


We must band together and protect each other

This crime thing is no laughing matter

Talking done,

The criminals have had their fun

Time for them to put down the guns

We need peace

So let’s clean up the streets


By: Cherylene Nicholas