Hustle and Bustle

Image Credit: Pixabay

The hustle and bustle at Christmas time

Leaves us with SO much to do

In so little time


As we go from store to store

Looking for bargains and deals galore

To gift our friends and family

Who sometimes wished they got more ūüôĀ


The hustle and bustle

Although tiring is not all bad

As we reminisce on all we’ve done

When friends and family come together to have some fun


The hustle and bustle

Kept our blood flowing

And our bodies moving

While our brains were ticking

Trying to make sure we forgot nothing


So of course,¬†we’ve made¬†our lists and checked it twice

Hoping to make sure this Christmas is bright

So we hustle and bustle even through our sore muscles

To make each Christmas one they remember

Long after December ūüôā


Whatever you do to prepare for the Christmas season, don’t forget the reason for the season.¬† Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by.¬† ūüôā




Christmas Vibes

It’s that special time of year, when those you love draw near

There’s just something magical about the atmosphere

That no other season can compare


Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the food

Maybe it’s the beautiful decorations that get us in the mood

The presence of family and friends

Laughter and cheer is more than enough to remind us who really care


Christmas time though is not all Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! for everyone

For some Christmas is just no fun ūüôĀ

As it is a reminder of those who have gone

The memories can hit us like a powerful mist

Often so strong we spend countless days trying to dismiss


Christmas brings us together for a few days in December

But we should always remember

We never stop loving our loved ones because they aren’t here

For they will always be special and dear


So never despair

Cherish the people you still have here

And let’s commemorate those who can’t be there.


Best wishes for the season.   Have a wonderful evening.

Thank you for stopping by.¬† ūüôā