We’re so much more…

A special Good Monday morning to each of you!¬† ūüôā I just wanted to share these words of encouragement as we start a new day and a fresh week.¬† It is easy to forget just how special and amazing we are and can be because we sometimes let life and its challenges get the better of us.¬† I pray and ask God to let these words be a reminder for each of us as take away from this post what we need as we read it.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

We’re so much more than our flesh and bones¬†

We love, we laugh, we cry, we hurt

We learn, we grow and are always eager to know

Because we’re more than just our flesh and bones.

We’re intelligent, creative and beautiful creatures

Filled with passion and one of a kind features

Sometimes drawn to the illusion that we’re not enough

Causes constant confusion but as we try to separate fact from fiction


As our minds begin to clear and we can finally hear 

Just how rare and special we are

No one quite like us near or far

Each created with purpose and all we need do is focus

Because we’re more than just flesh and bones.

We’re like miniature kings and queens placed on this Earth

Gifted with unique talents and mind-blowing intellect

Over flowing with creativity but sometimes too blinded by ourselves to see


We are more than simply you and me

We just have to open up our minds to see

That we are so much more but we must be willing to explore

Because we’re more than just flesh and bones.


Thank you for stopping by.¬† Have a wonderful Monday and an amazing week.¬† ūüôā



Special describes ME

And special describes YOU

We’re like specially planted¬† trees,

Placed on this earth to be ALL that we can be

In it all, happy and free.


Although people and life can sometimes get us down

We MUST stand firm and HOLD our ground

Don’t be alarmed these are just passing clouds

Their only purpose is to weigh us down

They know our WORTH and this is NO joke

For we are SPECIAL, so own YOUR worth.


Through the storms and heavy rain

Our roots in deep, we’ll persevere through the pain

As we hold on tight, FAITH will be our guiding LIGHT

So don’t¬†fear, because our FUTURE is BRIGHT.

Although we can’t see it, that does not mean we can’t be it

For we are SPECIAL.


I know sometimes when we’re feeling blue

Special is the last thing we feel, that’s¬†true!

But just look around the world today

There is so much that I can say

But instead,I’ll remind you to pray.


Because¬†we don’t have all the answers

We should seek God for guidance

To give us strength and deliverance

From the things that often weigh us down

Stand up straight and wear our crowns

For we ARE special.


Hope you’re having a great day.¬† Thanks for stopping by.


Music Reflection Mondays #17 – The Musically Gifted


Music reflection is about the love of the music and the artists who touch our hearts and saturate our minds and souls with their music and lyrics.  As I lie here tonight, I am literally in tears watching and listening to some amazing and talented performers on Most Emotional Auditions Ever X Factor Global.  These individuals are truly special and I know we are fortunate to stumble upon new talents every year and I’m grateful for that.  They were so inspirational and touching in their delivery.

Music gives us so much more than just a song – it gives us a sneak peek not only into the artist mind and heart but into his or her life at that moment of writing that song especially for those who typically write their own music.  When life is good and love is in the air we know and similarly if their heart has been broken we get that sense as well. They share a little bit of themselves with us and some a little more.

Music is a form of expression that a gifted group of people can do really well.  It does not matter if it is instrumental or vocal because it is still beautiful.   It connects us and provides us with a unique way to tap into our feelings and emotions.   It can help make life challenges a little easier. As tears sometimes flood the soul releasing the pressure that we sometimes have difficulty relieving ourselves.

Remember, to make time to stop and listen to the music while you smell the roses.

Have a blessed night. Thank you for stopping by.