Will You Trust God?

Pleasant greetings to each of you.  Heavenly Father, as I prepare to write this post give me the right words to deliver this so that it impacts all those You intend it for. May it open our eyes, minds, hearts and spirits as to what is needed of and from us so that we may experience the changes we’ve been praying for. In Jesus name, amen.

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We often hear believers in Jesus Christ say, “You just have to trust God.” I say it all the time on my blog and even in my everyday life.  However, it occurred to me just now, that this word “trust” is often easier said than done.  Just look at how difficult it is for some of us to apply it to our everyday lives and relationships. It’s no wonder so many people find it hard to trust in someone or something they cannot see.

Thankfully, I have learnt to trust God more and more over the years but it was not easy.  After many life lessons, stumbles, prayers and perseverance my breakthroughs eventually came one by one.  These experiences both the good and bad have helped increase my faith and belief in God.

As I look back, I can say now that those seasons in my life were not meant to be the end of me but rather were there to hopefully push and pull me into my own awareness and relationship with God.  I am thankful that I endured and that God gave me the strength to persevere so that I could overcome them.

My friends, you can learn to do this too. You can develop and strengthen your relationship with God.  You can learn to trust God as you exercise your faith in Him daily. When you do, He will show up in your life and do things that you would have no doubt that ONLY God could have done for you. 🙂

Here are some things that can hinder our development of trust and faith in God:

  • Many of us know of God but have no real relationship with Him.   To develop a relationship with God we need to seek Him daily.  We need to ask Him to intervene in our life and work on our behalf for the things we so tirelessly try to fix and go after ourselves.  Then, allow Him to do His thing.
  • Many of us are caught up in religion when our PRIMARY FOCUS should be solely on GODWho He is? What He stands for?  What are His expectations of us? How can we become what He needs us to be? All of these are the questions we should be asking and seeking the answers for. 
  • Many of us are walking around not receiving the breakthroughs we need in our lives because we are ignorant to what we truly need to be successful.  We need Jesus Christ.  We need to read and meditate on the Word of God.  We need the wisdom that the word of God provides if we want to be truly successful in life.
  • Many of us want more out of life but are not willing to give up some things or some negative people to grow into who we are meant to be.
  • Many of us want to be successful but are not willing to do the work. Hence some of us sit, complain and constantly compare rather than aggressively going after what we claim to want.
  • Many of us lack patience. God’s timing and our ‘right now attitude’ will always clash. As a result, we feel frustrated and at times angry with ourselves and sometimes God.
  • Many of us have grown dependent on the church or a particular individual (religious leader) for our deliverance when the truth and the fact is ALL we need Jesus Christ.  The purpose of the church and a religious leader is to educate us about the word of God.  It is our responsibility to build and nurture our own individual relationships with God. It is not the responsibility of the church or the pastor.  We need to take control of our own relationships with God through Jesus Christ and not rely on any institution or individual. Their role is to guide but we have to do the work.

God wants us to diligently seek Him.  God wants us to desire Him more than the things of this world. God wants to help us in our everyday affairs be it our finances, relationships, marriages, parenting, workplace or our health concerns but he won’t force Himself into them. We must invite Him to take control and let Him do it His way.

If we have no expectation of God then we have no reason to trust Him.  Expectation will build our faith, faith will develop our trust and all three can deliver our miracle. 

Our faith and trust in God will grow as: 

We choose to trust Him even when everyone else has walked away.

We choose to trust Him even when we are unclear or uncertain of our next step.

We choose to trust Him even when people think we are crazy.

We choose to trust Him even when we don’t understand.

We choose to trust Him even when things look a mess?

We choose to trust Him even when it hurts?

Friends, if we can do this, God will DO for us what we could not do for ourselves.  He would show us and all the doubters that He is Lord.  He would show us that no matter what our situations may look like He is in control.

Keep God at the center of your life and everything else will fall into place.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

Have a great week. 🙂

Music Reflection Mondays: “Only You Jesus”

Hello and welcome back to Music Reflection Mondays!

My Prayer:

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to shine bright in Your glory.  Thank you Lord for another chance to be better than we were yesterday or last week.  Thank you Lord for the strength to endure all that will come before us today and this week. Thank you Lord that You are the rock we stand on. Thank you for Your Word that gives us knowledge and wisdom. Bless us with understanding, Your favour and mercy as we aim to become ALL You have called us to be. In Jesus name, amen!

We can easily forget that the season of life that we are in is just for a time and sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not alone.  I believe that every season that we are allowed to endure is a test. It is not meant for our downfall but rather our development.

God wants us to persevere and overcome.

God will not give us more than we can bear.

God will never take us into a situation He cannot bring us out of.

God by nature is life and love.

God is our rock and our refuge.

Only God can strengthen us to do and endure what seems impossible.  Don’t lose hope.  Don’t lose faith. Seek Jesus Christ and He will see you through. That is just the kind of Father He is. Don’t push Him away, embrace Him and all that He is.

Today’s song is called, “Only You Jesus” and it is sang by Ada Ehi. She is a Nigerian born international singer and songwriter. In 2017, she won Groove Awards for West African Artist of the Year.  I just love the message of this song and I pray that as you listen to it that it blesses you as well.



Tap into the Power of God. Don’t magnify you problems.  Whenever you feel like your obstacles are greater than you bring them before God.  Trust Him to resolve them.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

Have a productive, successful and blessed week.


Your situation is not your destiny but rather your testimony

God blessings to each of you. Thank you Lord for opening our eyes this morning.  Thank you Lord for the sweet sound of birds chirping in the background and not gunfire.  Thank you Lord for the brilliance of the sunlight in the distance and not the smoke of a bomb blast covering the sky. Thank you Lord for Your favour, mercy and grace in my life. Thank you Lord that ALL who read this post would be blessed in some way. In Jesus name, amen!

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We all have moments in our lives when we feel overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated or alone in whatever problem or challenge we may be facing known or unknown to our friends and family.  In moments such as these we need to remind ourselves of these few words, “Christ is in me. I am enough.” 

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These words have greatly blessed my life. These words imprinted on my mind and heart from a sermon Steven Furtick was giving some time last month.  It has just stayed with and in me ever since. 🙂

My words to you:

Be encouraged that your situation is not your destiny but rather your testimony!

God is in control even though the storm you’re going through feels rough.  Remember, God is the creator of ALL things.  It is the enemy’s desire to see the storm  destroy you but God will turn it around for your good. He won’t let it destroy you because it will be used to strengthen you and help you grow.

God is in control even though the enemy may have whispered in your ear, “give up, you’re never going to make it.”  The enemy is a liar.  It is not over, until God says it is. Seek God, place your trust in Him and He WILL deliver you!

If you are going to give life to something and magnify anything – let God be that thing you exalt and not your problems or your fears. When you do He WILL fight your battles.

Start thanking God for the victory over your problems. Thank God for the opportunities He is bringing your way.  Thank God for the healing He has sent to your body.  Thank God for not giving up on you. 2018 can be your year of breakthroughs if you will put your faith not in what you see with your eyes but in the God that has brought you this far and can do so much more. I don’t know about you but I declare and decree that 2018 will be better than 2017.

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I pray O Lord that this post has encouraged someone today and that it will have blessed them in some way.  God is the answer so stop worrying about the giants in your life.  Be like David and call upon God to help you bring that ‘Goliath’ in your life down.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

Have a great weekend and remember God loves you more than you know. 🙂

Impossible, I think not!

Greetings to all of you on this beautiful Thursday morning.  I trust that God has smiled on you this morning with the breath of life; giving you all that you need to not only be an overcomer but a conqueror of all the obstacles before you.

Do not be discouraged by what is before you. The God we serve is GREAT. He is MIGHTY and He can do the IMPOSSIBLE.  He is the Living GOD.  With Him in our corner, we can do the impossible. Trust in Him, believe His word, seek Him and He will show you things you could never dream.


As you go through life, don’t focus on your problems, don’t focus on how big your challenges seem.  Instead, choose to focus on how amazing, wonderful and powerful our God is and believe that our problems are not too great for him. Faith in Jesus is ALL we need. Don’t give up on Him because He won’t give up on you.

Remember this,

To win we must first overcome.

To overcome we must learn to persevere.

To persevere we need Jesus Christ.

Because with Jesus we CAN do ALL things.


Have a great day. 🙂

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

What does AWESOME mean to you?

According to dictionary.com, awesome means “causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration or fear.”  Thesaurus.com even listed some synonyms for awesome some of which included: “astonishing, breathtaking, beautiful, impressive, majestic, magnificent, stupefying, shocking, overwhelming.”.

What does awesome mean to you?

For different people awesome would mean something different and dear to them based on their situation.  For instance, for some awesome would be becoming debt free in 2018. For someone else, awesome would be overcoming a life long illness.

For another, it could mean seeing a loved one give his or her life to Jesus Christ.  It could be getting out of poverty.  It could be as simple as passing an exam or as serious as beating death.  Awesome, is all of these things and more.

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Awesome” is a word I would use to describe an event or something in my life that has brought or brings me joy and happiness.   If I could use one word to describe awesome in my life I would say God.

God is awesome! He has been awesome to my family and me even when we were not always deserving.

At times, we overlook the little things and sometimes the big things in our lives because we get caught up in ourselves.  Self-absorbed with our strengths, our talents and our own ‘greatness’.   When we do this, we don’t acknowledge how awesome God has been and IS to us. 

All of the success we have ever achieved was because of the grace and favour of God.

  • He is the reason we are still here breathing today.
  • He is the reason why the opportunities are coming our way.
  • He is the reason we commute safely back and forth from destination to destination.
  • He is the reason we experience so much favour in our lives.
  • He is the reason we always have food to eat.
  • He is the reason death has not gotten his grip on us yet.
  • He is the reason we were able to overcome during that season or seasons in our lives when we wanted to give up.
  • He is the reason we are able to keep going even though we’re physically and mentally exhausted.
  • He is the reason our vehicles still work even though there is work to be done on them.
  • He is the reason we still have a roof over our heads when some people are forced to give up their homes because they can no longer pay for them.
  • He is the reason we still have an income even though the economic situation is a mess and people lose their jobs daily.
  • He is the reason why the enemy has not gotten his desire over our lives.
  • He is the reason we can lift our heads up in spite of the pain or trials we may be facing and still do all that we have to do.

It is not because we deserve it but because of HIS undying love for us.

It is HIS love for US that is awesome. You see even in our stubbornness, disobedience, ignorance and brokenness HE loves us as HIS sons and daughters. He only wants what is best for us.

It is HIS mercy for US that is awesome. He is quick to forgive us if we ask Him to forgive us. If we could show that same mercy to others; this world would be a better place.

It is HIS grace for US that is awesome. It is because of HIS grace we are able to be called HIS children.  It is this grace that has kept HIM close to us.

He does for us what we often cannot DO for ourselves.  He is our Father, our Protector, our Lord, our Saviour, our Deliverer and our Healing.

He is my AWESOME and He is yours too.  You just may not have realized it.

Don’t wait for sickness, loss or hardships to call out to Him.  Don’t wait for desperation to seek a relationship with Him.  Don’t wait for sorrow to let Him hear your voice.  Don’t wait for your heart to break to find Him.

He wants you to know Him even in your happiness.  He wants you to know that He loves and cares for You.

God is love. God is hope. God is life and God wants you!

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Have a blessed day.  I pray that this messages blesses someone as much if not more than it has blessed me sharing it.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life. 🙂

Hope in a Hopeless Situation

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What is hopelessness?

Hopelessness is that feeling deep down on the inside that tells you:

  • Don’t bother trying anymore!
  • What’s the point anyway!
  • It’s over!
  • You’re all alone!
  • No one cares!
  • Give up!
  • You’re done!

Hopelessness looks at the situations we’ve failed to get ourselves out of and convinces us it is over.  My friends, when we go through life without the knowledge of Jesus Christ, who He is, what He represents and how much He loves us, it is easy to get caught up in feelings of hopelessness.

The truth is, even in what may seem like a hopeless situation with Jesus Christ on our side, there is always the possibility of a favourable outcome.  With Jesus, there is always hope, because there is:

  • No situation too difficult for Him. 
  • No problem too big for Him. 
  • No such thing as impossible for Jesus Christ.

No matter how hopeless your situation may appear today, I want you to know that Jesus wants to help.  He wants to deliver you out of it.   He wants to show up in your life and do great things. Through Jesus, there is deliverance for all those who believe and trust in Him.

The facts:

  1. No matter where we are in our lives right now, Jesus Christ will meet us right where we are to take us where we’re meant to be.
  2. He loves us even though some of us don’t know Him.  His love for us is so great that He came to this world, to die for our sins and rose again so that we can have life and not death. This is true love.
  3. We have a choice to make, life or death?  Once we choose Jesus, we will not only have life but we will have it more abundantly.
  4. We must ask God to forgive our sins and surrender who we were. Choosing to walk in the truth of who we have become as we are now one with Him.

In closing, I leave you with this, hopelessness is a symptom of a deficiency in Jesus Christ.  The only way to cure hopelessness is through reading the word of God daily; meditating in it and applying it to our lives. Believing in it more than what is before your everyday senses of sight, hearing and touch.

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Don’t walk around anymore embracing the lie that hopelessness teaches us instead let us choose to embrace and hold on tightly to : truth, hope and love, that is, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

Have a great day and be blessed. 🙂

Run Your Own Race

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Life is often viewed as a race and I think that’s because we’re always looking at how well those around us seem to be doing when compared to us.  When we do this, we often neglect the beauty and the blessings going on within our own lives that we should be grateful for.

The truth is, how well we do in our own race called life is dependent on how well we handle the challenges and the lessons along the way.

Now ask yourself this:

  • How high am I prepared to jump over my hurdles to get to my destination?
  • How badly do I want to see my dreams come through?
  • What or who am I prepared to let go of to move forward into my destiny?

Based on your answers to those questions.  Here are some things we would need to do to start running our own races more effectively.

1. Seek to align our lives with the word of God. When we seek God’s word and try to apply it to our lives amazing things happen. We experience improvement in our relationships, business, workplace, our kids, our health, our thinking and behaviour as well as our finances.  God’s word provides guidance, understanding, breakthroughs, wisdom and peace.

2. Take control of our thoughts. We can do this if we stop worrying about the race ahead of us and just tackle it one hurdle at a time.

3. Focus on the race in front of you. Stop focusing on the race the other runners are running.

4. Magnify our strengths and work on our weaknesses. Stop comparing our race to the race other runners are in.

5. Stop complaining. Recognize that each race is different just as each runner is different. Each runner and race has its own challenges so count your blessings.

6. Recognize and understand that our success or failure in our race is based on the reconditioning of our mind. We have to set a right attitude, build and use a vocabulary that is full of positivity.

7. Recognize that what we choose to put our trust and faith in affects our outcome.

8. Choose to see the beauty and opportunity in it rather than the obstacles.

9. Learn to ignore and distance ourselves from negative people. Don’t allow their noise to distract or discourage you.

10. Lastly, recognizing that falling from time to time is part of the process and is therefore normal.  Remember, the real winners at the end of the race would be those individuals who got back up and kept running till the very end.

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No matter what your race track in life looks like, trust that God is in control. Understand that all you need to do is tap into His strength and not your own to finish the race.

Like a race car on the track when it stops for the pit crew to make sure everything is in order.   We have a pit crew there for us also. God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit. We’re not alone in our race although it may sometimes feel like that.

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

God is always there cheering us on every step of the way. We have to merely ask for His intervention and hand control of the steering wheel of our lives over to Him.

We want God to just get us to the finish line without having to stop, learn, fight or overcome anything.  God loves us far too much for that.  He wants us to grow and overcome our weaknesses.  He will hold our hand while we learn, lift us up when we fall but we have to still do some of the work.

So run your own race and don’t focus on anyone else. Trust your heavenly pit crew to see you through.  God wants to help us in every area of our lives but we have to ask for His help which is the easy part.   The challenge comes when we have to let go of the steering wheel of our lives and sit back.  When we learn this, something amazing happens – we see life in a whole new way.

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So trust Him to see you through to the end. As you run your race and I run mine let us make every effort to learn, grow and enjoy the good that is in our lives. When the challenges come just say,” Lord, I know you got this!

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops in this journey called life.

Have an amazing weekend! 🙂