To Believe

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To believe is to trust not in what we see with our eyes

But what we feel deep down in our hearts

It is that special something that gives life to those little sparks

That sometimes go dormant in our hearts


To believe is to be confident that no matter what the situation is

We believe the situation has to give,

Give us release and sometimes even peace

Providing comfort like a good quality fleece


To believe is to shine like a light in the darkness

With trust, confidence and faith as our companions

We overcome our situations like true champions

As they steady our steps and calm our breaths

God’s love for us, makes Him hasten his steps

For He is true to His word and when we’re all grey and old

Our stories will be told,

That His love for us is more precious than gold


To believe is to have faith that even without a clear date

Our Lord and Saviour has set an appointed date

For our deliverance and blessing, He won’t be late

So don’t waste time with worry and fuss

For to believe, is a must.