Take A Step Back

Would you believe I just wrote a whole post on this and I pressed the wrong key during formatting and everything vanished. ūüôĀ¬† Why me Lord!¬† I thought¬†to myself as¬†I tried feverishly to recover my work.¬† Very upsetting as efforts proved futile!

I was¬†so angry at myself for¬†not making sure my work¬†was saving as I went along.¬† I was so caught up in what I was doing that I neglected to pay attention.¬† I felt like giving up and then¬†I remember what this post was all about and decided to try again. ūüôā

Roda over at Growing Self actually inspired me to write this after reading her post called A Journey.


No matter what the flood waters of life throw at you – don’t give up!¬† Stop looking at your problem through those tired eyes and stressed brain.¬† Try these tips.

  1. Take a step back to get a better view.
  2. Clear your mind by listening to some music or doing something fun to relax.
  3. Get creative.
  4. Get resourceful.
  5. Don’t listen to the negativity of others.¬† They are still caught up in their own mess and couldn’t help you even if they wanted to.
  6. Most important of all, don’t allow the frustration of it all¬†to prevent YOU from unearthing a better outcome¬†for YOURSELF.
  7. Change your position.¬† You’ll be surprised just how different or simple a problem can appear based on where you stand and how you choose to look at it.
  8. Monitor your attitude.¬† It’s hard to find the solution or breakthrough you’re looking for if your attitude is constantly negative.¬† Believe that you CAN and WILL overcome the challenge and work towards it.
  9. Believe in yourself.


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People can be harsh at times but it is what we believe and tell ourselves that does the MOST damage or gives us the most STRENGTH.  

Whenever you find yourself listening and believing the negativity around you just remember.

Be the LOUDER voice in your head

When all the NOISE around you is pushing you out of bed

It’s the thought of your HAPPINESS¬†that they truly dread

Let the LIGHT within you IGNITE

Silencing your FEARS with a light so BRIGHT

REMOVING the obstacles with all your MIGHT

It’s clear you’re NOT giving up without a FIGHT.



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Healing Starts With US

We’ve all experienced¬†emotional, psychological¬†or physical hurt at some point in our lives.¬† They all hurt. However¬†for me, the most painful of them¬†ALL was not the physical hurt.¬† You see, the physical hurt eventually heals it’s the memory of it that is harder to forget.

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The emotional and psychological hurts STAY with us for as long as we WISH to carry them around.  They dance around our minds and torment us every chance we LET  them.  They STIFLE our happiness and we allow them to negatively impact our relationships.  They create within us feelings of unworthiness, anger, resentment, sadness and depression.

These hurts don’t just go away on their own.¬† If they did, we would be a happier society.¬† I can definitely tell you that wishing them away, ignoring them or even medicating to repress them won’t help.¬† Although¬†they may appear to be lying dormant inside of us¬† they are quietly¬†eating away at us – constantly weakening our core and feeding us LIES¬†about ourselves.

The sad thing is, we actually believe those lies making them our truths although FALSE we make them real and this is what eats at us. This is what creates the INTERNAL CONFLICT and disconnect within our very being.

How do we break free and allow ourselves to heal from those experiences?

  1. Ask God for the STRENGTH to see this process through.
  2. Pray for the COURAGE to face your fears, hurts and pains.
  3. Forgive OURSELVES.
  4. Dig deeper and FORGIVE the people who help get us in this mess in the first place.
  5. Have POSITIVE talks with ourselves about ourselves.
  6. STOP holding on to the memories of the moments that have negatively affected us.  Write ALL of them down on a piece of paper and then burn it.  Choosing both in your mind and heart to let the flames free you and release you from that prison those memories have kept you in for so long.
  7. OPEN our hearts and minds to positive experiences, people and thoughts.
  8. START believing and¬†discovering some POSITIVE¬†truths about yourself.¬†¬†I¬†AM¬† worthy.¬†¬†I AM¬†talented.¬†¬†I AM¬†creative.¬†¬†I AM¬†one of a kind.¬†¬†I AM one of¬†God’s gifts to the earth.
  9. SEARCH within yourself for your STRENGTHS and BOLDLY and PROUDLY  acknowledge them.  If you are lost for words, ask people close to you what some of your strengths are.
  10. LOOK into your mirror and REFUSE to continue accepting the LIES you’ve been¬†told about yourself.¬†¬† “You are¬†not a failure.”¬† ” You are not a waste of time.”¬† “You are not a mistake.”
  11. STOP trying to¬†run from yourself.¬† We do this by ignoring the issues and trying to drown ourselves with denial.¬† We’ve been running long enough.¬† It’s time to face the music and take CONTROL of our lives.
  12. UNDERSTANDING and PATIENCE. We need to understand that healing is a process and won’t happen overnight. So let’s be patient with ourselves as we work towards¬†the breakthrough we’ve been searching for.

So dear friends and faithful readers, remember healing is not automatic but is in fact a process that we MUST initiate and FOLLOW THROUGH with if we are to achieve the FREEDOM so many of us long for.  The ultimate healing we can receive would come from within bringing Рpeace of mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for stopping by. Best wishes to you all.

What’s Your Story?

We all have a story. 


Some stories are long while others are short.

Some stories are filled with trials and tribulations. Others with a few obstacles here and there.

Some stories leave us feeling broken, lost, ashamed, unworthy and stuck.

Some stories even push us to be better, help us grow stronger, encourage us to overcome, to persevere and conquer every obstacle that comes.  Never accepting defeat we look for ways to overcome and find victory.

Our stories are a part of us but they are NOT who we are.  We ARE who we want to be NOT what happened to us. 

Some stories try to steal and deny us of our destiny, joy and happiness while others PUSH us closer to our destiny.  We just need to REACH OUT and CLAIM IT.

Stories are written every day and how you want your story to end is ultimately up to YOU.¬† Are you going to sit by and be a bystander in your own life?¬†¬† Don’t be a prisoner in your own story, write the ending you deserve.

It’s time to BREAK the cycle and START anew.

All you need to do is BELIEVE and WANT it bad enough.  Of course, based on our stories there would be some healing needed and even learning new patterns as we put aside the old thoughts and behaviours.

In the end, what really matters is WHERE you want to be and HOW much effort are you willing to put into getting there. ūüôā¬† A happy ending is still possible no matter what your story is.

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Shine Bright

Shine bright no matter what they say

Because to be happy, there’s no other way

Fireflies do it from within

The moon and the stars even bring the light in


Shine bright even when no one is watching

Because once you believe in YOU

It does not matter what they do

The light within will always shine through


Shine bright even when things around you are not going right

In times such as these you have to shine your brightest light

Challenges will come but don’t let them get you down

You have what it takes to overcome

Feed the light within you and it will come


Shine bright with your smile

Shine bright with your thoughts

Shine bright with your actions

Choose to shine especially when you don’t feel like

Because that is when your mind, body and spirit really need it

Make today a great one! Thanks for stopping by.¬† ūüôā


Clown Nightmare

Daily Prompt: Relieved

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

“It was just dream,” said David as he woke up covered in his sweat.¬† His heart racing as he was running for his life as he believed he was near death.

He has always been tormented as a child by his fear of clowns.   Now a grown man, avoiding clowns was his action plan.   His fears did not subside because he would often hide them inside.

“Are you okay babe?” asked his girlfriend Samantha. This was the third time this week that he had awoken her from her sleep.

Tonight was a special night, it was Halloween.  His brother Dave knew how much he hated clowns and planned to surprise him tonight of all nights with his clown costume.  Samantha advised Dave against it though and hoped that would be the end of that.

It was 5 minutes before midnight and there was a loud, frantic knocking at the door.  David looked at Samantha with a concerned look on his face as he grabbed his baseball bat and slowly approached the front door.

“Who is it?” shouted David.

“It’s me Dave open up, hurry!” shouted Dave in a shaky voice.

When David opened the door he was frozen in fear. He saw his twin brother held at gunpoint by someone in a clown suit.  All his childhood fears came rushing back faster than his heart could pump the blood through his veins.

Samantha stood there also frozen and in shock and could not believe this was really happening.¬† Get on the floor shouted the strange man to Dave as he pushed him into the apartment.¬† David decided enough was enough and he would not live in fear any longer.¬† He hit the gun out of the stranger’s hand and began beating him all over his body with the bat.

It’s Dillon! It’s Dillon, stop!¬† David eventually stopped as the clown mask fell off and his other twin brother’s blood covered face emerged.

He dropped to his knees and hugged his unconscious twin relieved that he was not the monster he envisioned all these years.

Samantha called an ambulance and they all went to the hospital. Dillon recovered with minor injuries.¬† Dave and Dillon promised never to use David’s fear against him again.

After that night, David was no longer afraid of clowns.

Moving On

Moving on

Often easier said than done

Until you are the one

Feeling the pain in your chest

As your heart aches

And your mind races

Playing over and over in your head

Things said and done


You can’t sleep or get any rest

Because the person you loved

And you thought loved you

Decided to move on without you in their life

That is a tough pill to swallow

But acceptance eventually comes but it takes time


You’ll be angry, sad, depressed and sometimes just

Damn confused about why and how this could even happen

I can tell you it gets better

After you cry your eyes out

Maybe even give a good scream and shout


For each of us the recovery time varies

But you CAN and WILL overcome this

You can’t see it now but it is for the BEST

One day at a time, make the decision

To be your best self


The brokenness you’re feeling won’t last

Smile even when you don’t feel like it

Talk to someone,

The worst thing you could do is shut everyone out

You will love and be loved again

You will smile, laugh and create even better memories

You will be happy again


The love of your life is still out there

If you give up now, how is he or she going to find YOU ūüôā