The ‘Bounty’ Approach


Are you familiar with the paper towel brand known as Bounty? They use the slogan, “The Quicker Picker Upper”.  It is often used to show how well and how much it absorbs when compared to other brands.

Are you going through life behaving like a Bounty Paper Towel?  You know, absorbing everything and holding everything in.  Bounty is great for cleaning up messes and a lot of other things too.  However, adapting the ‘Bounty Approach’ to our everyday lives and issues is not healthy physically or mentally.

The reality is, even a sponge will spill the excess liquid when it can’t hold any more.  The human mind and body is no different.  So be weary of how much and what you allow yourself to endure.

Listen! You can’t control or fix everything or everyone.  The only real control we have is over ourselves.  So don’t suffer in silence, don’t overload and burden yourself with things you really have NO control over.  See it or them for what they are and find a way forward.  Talk to someone.  Pray about it.  Write about it. Sing about it.  Find a healthy and safe way to express what you’re feeling so you can truly smile and laugh again.

The load or burden you carry would feel so much lighter.


Have a wonderful evening.  Thanks for stopping by.



Life Challenges

Daily Post Prompt: Catapult

Sometimes in life when the challenges come

We miss the lessons because we feel overrun

What is the point of all this?

Shouldn’t this life be full of bliss?

What lesson exactly, did I miss?

What’s the point of some of this misery and pain?

Are they meant to drive me insane?

Just when we feel like giving up

Just when we wished the world would stop

Just when we’ve said, “enough is enough”

In come our blessings to catapult us up

Up, above and out of the strife

Up and into a better life

All we had to do was endure

All we had to do was explore

Digging deep into our core

Soon to discover we are so much more.


When it rains it pours

Hi guys, today was just one of those days when it rains it pours.  Yesterday, I found out that my car radiator was leaking (at least that’s what the radiator guy confirmed so we replaced it with a new one). I did my happy dance until I noticed this morning the problem is still there.

Talk about frustrating.  So now I must have the mechanic check it since the radiator guy discovered another leak that has nothing to do with the new radiator. Another problem!!!!!!  The mechanic would take a look tomorrow to have the problem fixed. This had me a little depressed to be honest but I’m hoping it’s nothing too expensive or difficult to resolve.  So I’ve written this poem about it to help cheer me up.  Hope you like it.


Today is a raining day

In this lovely month of May

Just found out today

I have more money to pay


You see my car has a leak

Now the mechanic has to go deep

This might affect my sleep

Things look a little bleak


I won’t lose hope

I just have to cope

So it’s back to the mechanic tomorrow

Hopefully he can prevent further sorrow

Enjoy the rest of your day

Until we meet again on Friday 🙂



By: Cherylene Nicholas