I Will…


I will laugh whenever I can because it makes me feel good.

I will sing because that is when I truly hear myself.  🙂

I will dance because the sound of the music is pleasing to my ear.

I will listen because when I do I open the door for knowledge and wisdom to enter.

I will show compassion for others because it is the right thing to do.  If the situation were reversed I would want someone to care about me too.

I will pray because prayer soothes my soul and helps free my mind from worry.

I will help whenever and wherever I can because it feels good to give back.

I will praise the Lord at all times because he has shown me his mercy and favour even when there maybe times I don’t realise it or deserve it.

I will not make promises I know I can’t keep.

I will not make unrealistic expectations for myself or others.

I will be grateful for everything I have no matter how little it is.

I will not be complacent because that is not a good look for me. 🙂

I will actively pursue my happiness in everything I do starting with my thoughts.

I will love and cherish the people in my life who genuinely love and care about me.

I will love myself because even with the imperfect parts I am still a wonderful and beautiful person.

I will always appreciate and be grateful for my readers because they inspire me to do what I do.

It is important from time to time to list for ourselves what we want and don’t want for and from ourselves.

Have a wonderful night.  Thank you for reading.

Break Free


Break Free from doubt.

Break Free from fear.

Break Free from negativity.

Break Free from debt.

Break Free from sickness.

Break Free from pain.

Break Free from addiction.

Break Free from confusion.

Break Free from worry and stress.

Break Free from poor decisions.

Break Free from weaknesses.

Break Free from poverty.

Break Free from past mistakes.

Break Free from guilt and shame.

Break Free from old routines and habits.

Break Free from your enemies.

Break Free and know that WE are BIGGER than OUR circumstances.

Break Free and understand that the POWER to change and improve OUR lives starts with US.

Break Free and prosper.

Break Free and claim peace of mind.

Break Free and experience happiness and love.

Break Free and see your life in a new way.

Break Free and nurture your strength of mind, body and spirit.

Break Free and go into this new day full of PURPOSE and a NEW understanding.

May the spirit of the Lord show us the way.

Give us the courage, wisdom, guidance and strength to see this process through.

Break Free, Break Free, Break Free.


Walk into this new day with your head up as we believe and work on our breakthroughs one day at a time. You are not alone!  Trust and believe that you WILL overcome each and every obstacle in your life. In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

Have a blessed day friends. Thank you for stopping by.

Music Reflections Mondays #20 – “Too Good At Goodbyes”

Welcome back to Music Reflection Mondays!  Most of last week I was bombarded by various radio stations with this song from Sam Smith called Too Good At Goodbye.    

Every time I hear it, it takes me back to chapters in my life when “goodbyes” were needed but were so difficult because of the emotional attachments.  The lyrics are so relatable to anyone who has been in a relationship that ended up taking more than it was giving or just was too toxic for you to continue to survive in.  I think he penned it beautifully.

Relationships come and relationships go and based on our history or patterns with our partners we adjust emotionally and expose less and less of true selves to reduce the feeling of loss and disappointment should things not work out.

It is a sad song as it highlights the emotions, thoughts and frustrations of someone in a relationship who is just so tired of the roller-coaster ride that walking away is the BEST alternative.   Walking away is never easy but I love Dua Lipa’s New Rules song.   I like how she list the rules as she attempts to get over the failed relationship.  She has a more upbeat approach to the situation. I love it!!!! 🙂



The ‘Bounty’ Approach


Are you familiar with the paper towel brand known as Bounty? They use the slogan, “The Quicker Picker Upper”.  It is often used to show how well and how much it absorbs when compared to other brands.

Are you going through life behaving like a Bounty Paper Towel?  You know, absorbing everything and holding everything in.  Bounty is great for cleaning up messes and a lot of other things too.  However, adapting the ‘Bounty Approach’ to our everyday lives and issues is not healthy physically or mentally.

The reality is, even a sponge will spill the excess liquid when it can’t hold any more.  The human mind and body is no different.  So be weary of how much and what you allow yourself to endure.

Listen! You can’t control or fix everything or everyone.  The only real control we have is over ourselves.  So don’t suffer in silence, don’t overload and burden yourself with things you really have NO control over.  See it or them for what they are and find a way forward.  Talk to someone.  Pray about it.  Write about it. Sing about it.  Find a healthy and safe way to express what you’re feeling so you can truly smile and laugh again.

The load or burden you carry would feel so much lighter.


Have a wonderful evening.  Thanks for stopping by.



STOP ignoring the signs


Image Credit: Dan Gerhards

Traffic lights save lives but only when we pay attention and obey the signs.   They are there to facilitate the safe and smooth flow of traffic as well as to protect pedestrians.  For most of us the red light means stop; the amber light to slow down and the green light to go.  Unfortunately, for a few of us red, amber and green mean GO, GO FASTER and GO ALREADY!  When we ignore the signs and their significance we can sometimes bring harm to ourselves and others.

This can be applied to our everyday lives as well.  There are ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ dangers out there that we can see and yet we run in with our eyes wide open because we tell ourselves we’re in control of the situation – we have our high levels of denial to thank for that. 🙂

Then there are those dangers that are not as obvious and often blind side us.  This is true when it comes to our relationships with others and ourselves, our finances, our children and our health and many other areas of our lives.

You are ignoring the signs when: 

  1. You are constantly making excuses for yourself and others.
  2. You are always trying to justify why things are the way they are.
  3. You choose to stay in a situation that is hurting you either physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.
  4. You choose to stay silent.
  5. You let your anger and bitterness consume you rather than treat with the issue in a healthier way.
  6. You choose to use negative and unhealthy ways to numb yourself from the pain and pressures of life.
  7. You ignore or down play negative behaviour.
  8. Do nothing positive to change the negative things in your life.
  9. You pretend bad things don’t bother you.
  10. You don’t admit or seek help when you need it most.

If you could relate to any of these that’s a relief because it tells me I’m not alone. I have been at each of these stages at one point or another and not dealing with them never makes things better.

Ignoring the signs often results in stress, illness, conflict internally and externally, grief, resentment and maybe even death.  You don’t have to accept things the way they are.  Assess your each situation to determine what you have control over and what things you don’t. The things that you have control over like your actions and thoughts take action to improve whatever areas need adjustment. 

The things you really have NO control over like the weather and other people’s actions and behaviour.   Ask God for the strength and ability to accept it and move forward.   There may be some people and situations you may have to distance yourself from, so be it.  Life is too short to go around bitter and angry.

Stay blessed and remember you’re not alone and drive safely.  🙂