Music Reflection Mondays #9

Monday greetings to you all! I’m back from my four-day vacation within the lovely island I call home known as Trinidad and Tobago.

I am so grateful for the time away but it’s time to get back to the real world and my blog which I missed so much.  I’ve missed reading your blogs and sharing my thoughts. I hope all is well with each of you.

Tonight on Music Reflection Mondays I will touch on some of the wonderful music that we make here as well as highlight some of the wonderful talent that creates the music.

The beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago is situated in the West Indies.  We are a diverse group of people filled with rich cultural and religious backgrounds.  Our annual Carnival celebrations is well-known and is truly a sight to behold.







We’re also known for our national instrument called the steel panThe melodious sounds you can hear especially at Carnival time when we have Panorama – an  annual steelband music competition.







Outside of Carnival, Trinidad and Tobago is also known for its music namely calypso music, soca music , chutney music and parang music (which is mostly heard around Christmas time.)

Here are some of our local celebrities for each of the categories I mentioned above.  Please note, that this post would be too long if I tried to list every single person.  This list therefore is by no way a complete representation of all the amazing talent both past and present that we as a nation have blessed with.

Some if not most of these individuals have made a name for themselves not only locally and regionally but internationally as well. For a more extensive listing on our local talent please click here.

Let’s begin. 🙂

Some popular calypsonians include:

  • Dr. Slinger Francisco aka “Mighty Sparrow” or “The Calypso King of the World”
  • Lord Kitchener aka “De Grandmaster”
  • David Rudder
  • Calypso Rose
  • Winston Bailey  aka “Shadow”
  • Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka “Chalkdust”
  • Aaron Duncan
  • Roderick Gordon aka “Chucky”

Some popular soca artiste include:

  • Machel Montano – aka “King of Soca”
  • Ian Alvarez – aka “Bunji Garlin”
  • Fay-Ann Lyons
  • Destra Garcia
  • Shurwayne Winchester
  • Patrice Roberts
  • Kes The Band
  • Denise Belfon – aka “Saucy Wow”
  • Olatunji

Some popular chutney artiste include:

  • Rikki Jai
  • Ravi Bissambhar
  • Drupatee Ramgoonai
  • Sundar Popo
  • KI and 3Veni

Some popular parang singers include:

  • Daisy Voisin
  • Baron
  • Scrunter
  • Lara Brothers
  • Los Caballeros
  • Los Parranderos de UWI

Music feeds the soul and here in Trinidad and Tobago we love it.  Music is apart of who we are and how we enjoy spending our time.  Some more than others but in this country there is no escaping music be it in the form of soca, chutney, calypso, parang we grow up hearing it, living it and breathing it.

What wonderful things are your country known for?    Feel free to share below.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about where I’m from and some of the talented people I’ve grown up listening to. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.


What is true wealth?

“I wish my house was bigger.  It is just too small.” said Sam.

“Well, I wish I had a bigger swimming pool.” said Brian.

“I wish we had more money.” said Adam.

“You rich kids have life so easy.  You live in the best part of town.  You go to the best private school money can buy.  You’ll probably never have to work for your bread and butter as long as you live and yet you sit and complain.” said George.

George had only lived in the town a few months. He was a new member of the elite group he was criticizing.  He was disgusted by their greed and lack of humility.   George’s family was not always wealthy and they worked very hard to acquire the wealth they now enjoy.

George was humble, kind, thoughtful and more than anything he was grateful for the blessings his family now enjoyed.  He remembers when they did not have food to eat.  When his parents could not pay the bills and how difficult things were.  He is glad that he had those experiences because they remind him not to be wasteful and ungrateful.

Adam, Brian and Sam had never had anyone speak to them like that before.  George hit a nerve, so much so that Sam and Brian made efforts to correct their attitude and behaviour.  The three boys became very good friends.

Adam however, was set in his ways and distanced himself from the group. As years went by, the three boys grew into men and joined their family businesses into successful enterprises that not only benefited themselves but others.  They were all happy and had beautiful families to share their success with.

Adam also grew up to be successful as well. However, unlike the others he did not have a family to share his success with.   He had acquired all the wealth he had dreamed of.  Unfortunately, he could not find love because he was convinced that everyone was after his money so he did not get close to anyone.

He eventually died of a heart attack.  All the riches he had acquired could not be taken with him in death.  His only legacy would be the enormous mansion he built for himself.

George, Sam and Brian to this day would always tell their kids,

“Money is just a medium you use to buy things.  Never let it define you.  Always let your words and actions define who you are.  When the money is gone all we have is each other. ”


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Motherhood is a job that offers no pay

We as mothers are lucky to even get an off day

It’s a job that just keeps on taking

Being strong women we keep on giving


Blessed with this task we must hold fast

As we keep delivering down to our last

God must think highly of us

To demand so much of us


We’ve been entrusted with great responsibility

So there’s no deniability

Our roles in our children’s lives are significant

If done well, they can be magnificent

Society and the world at large are counting on us

So let’s make no mistake, the future is at stake.


By: Cherylene Nicholas


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