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To love is a gift.

To be loved is a blessing.

To give love is an opportunity.

However, to receive love we need to be open.

True love goes beyond the surface.

It radiates at our core making us want love even more.


For some, to love is easy.

For others, it may take some work; even some spiritual growth.

Whatever the situation, it should be encouraged naturally.

As this method is more sustaining and fulfilling.

Than force feeding since the first chance they get,

They may be leaving.

You see, love is more than just words.

Love includes the touching of two souls.

It includes our thoughts of the person

And our actions towards them.

Let’s show our loved ones we love them everyday

And don’t forget to mention their names when we pray.

Image Credit:Pixabay.com

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life.

Remember, God loves us each and every day. 🙂

Be blessed and have a wonderful day.