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Joy can come not only from what we get but rather what we can give or do for someone else. 

It is triggered by that selfless act that takes us to a point where we look beyond ourselves and focus on improving the lives of the people who need someone to take action and care just as much as they do about what happens to them. 

Joy does not have to be expensive.  It could be as simple as a kind word, a smile, being helpful, showing compassion or an act of selflessness. 

Create some joy in someone’s life today. 

Have a wonderful night and a Merry Christmas!  Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

To Inspire


To inspire is to give hope

For a better and brighter tomorrow

To inspire is to care

To inspire is to share


To inspire is to connect with someone on a deeper level

To revive and refresh

That neglected piece of themselves

Provoking thought, action and growth


To inspire is selfless

To inspire means you’ve not only gained wisdom

But understanding

And more importantly, you’re not afraid to use it


To inspire is to foster and encourage happiness

Within ourselves and our lives

Therefore to inspire is ME and YOU

Although inspiration can be found outside of us

It lies within us too!


Thanks for stopping by.  🙂




New – What’s up Wednesdays

Hi guys, so today I’m trying something new called “What’s Up Wednesdays“. Where it originally started I can’t say for sure.  Cheila from Pink For Days got the idea from Hannah from Sassy Girl’s Journey who said she got the idea from Shay from Sitbackandjustlive either way hats off the person who started it.

Cheila suggested giving it a try so I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a little here.  What’s Up Wednesday is basically a catch-up post where I tell you about what’s going on in my life.

Let’s get into it already. 🙂

What I’m eating this week:

I don’t plan so far ahead but for lunch I had dumplings and with spinach stemmed in coconut milk and fresh seasonings like garlic, onion and pimento peppers. It was delicious.   For dinner, I’m thinking of preparing fried or BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and stemmed vegetables.  I’m getting hungry just listing it.

What I’m reminiscing about: 

The days when my pants were not so tight. I’ll get over it though. LOL 🙂

What I’m loving:


At the moment, I’m loving writing on my blog.  Exploring new blogs and making new friends along the way.

What we’ve been up to:

I took part in a competition about a week or so ago on Pink for Days and I found out today that I won Giveaway Winner.  I was randomly selected which is even better.  I hardly ever win anything so this is a big deal for me. Woo hoo! 🙂

What I’m dreading:





Folding and putting away the clean laundry.  The pile is a bit intimidating but I’ll get to it later today for sure. I’ll get the kids involved that would definitely be fun. 😉


What I’m working on:

Other than this post, I’m trying to finalize my Health and Wellness Fridays topic for this Friday so I could start doing my research.


What I’m excited about:

I’m excited about some of the changes that are going to take place in my life over the next few months.  It’s all for better and I’m embracing it with open arms.  Will keep you guys posted on that as it unfolds. 😉


What I’m watching/reading:

I’m into a variety of TV series at the moment: The Grimm, The Witches of East End, The Flash, Vikings, and Quantico just to name a few. Maybe you guys could recommend something.  I’m not reading any novels at the moment.  Yes, strange enough as I feel some type a way in saying that but I’ll get over that too. 🙂


What I’m listening to:

Unfortunately, at this present time no music but rather Bugs Bunny is playing in the background. The kids are home from school.  If I were listening to music I’ll probably be listening to Adele, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendez, Ed Sheeran and so much more..


What I’m wearing:

I’m still in my work clothes, yes I said it.  I’m wearing soft pants (black) with purple and white floral blouse with black sandals.  I’ll be through here soon then it’s hit the shower and onto more comfortable attire.

What I’m doing this weekend:

The usual, cleaning and assisting the kids with homework. Once that’s all done maybe we’ll get ice cream and catch up on some movies we’ve missed. What do you have planned for this weekend?

What I’m looking forward to the next month:

The new month starts tomorrow this is also the month we celebrate Father’s Day so I’m looking forward to see what I come up with for that. Do you have any plans?

What else is new:

Not my car. The birds seem to be taking a dump on my car more than usual.  I’m not sure if I should take it personal or not but I’m starting to feel like I should start leaving them a bill for the cleaning.  As fast as I clean it up, I swear it’s like their new toilet lately.  Let’s go take a shit on Cherylene’s car. 🙂  I could almost see what they ate not cool.  Sorry for sharing guys.

That’s all for now folks.  This “What’s Up Wednesdays” was nice for me I got to share with you guys.  Hope I didn’t torture you too much. Have a great week.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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Stretch Yourself

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Thank you Lord for another day.  Thank you for another opportunity to do better and be better. Thank you for all YOU have done, are doing and will do in our lives. Give us the strength and courage to stretch ourselves so that we can become the individuals we were meant to be. Amen!

That was my prayer for us. Many times we go through life and some of us tend to limit ourselves and our experiences because we are afraid.  I know what that is like because it used to keep me stuck.   Afraid of failure, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what others might say and afraid of change.

How many experiences, opportunities, potential relationships and friendships did you allow yourself to miss out on because you were afraid? Being afraid or ‘fearful’ is not all bad because this is our brain’s way of protecting us from anything or anyone it feels threatened by.

However, although the brain means well this emotion ‘fear’ can also paralyze us in moments when we need to act.  It can limit us and cause us to miss out on potentially good and positive experiences because we’ve become stuck in this emotional state where we start seeing everyone and everything as a potential threat.

This type of existence hinders our learning because we would typically avoid trying new things. Learning is a part of ‘living’ and if you choose to avoid new experiences, new opportunities and new things then you deny yourself the opportunity to widen your knowledge and your experiences therefore limiting your learning.

Today I want to encourage you to put your fear aside and stretch yourself.  Let’s look at some of the best case/ worse case scenarios of stretching yourself:

  1. Try something new it could be a new food, new sport, new activity (dancing, cooking class or a defense class) anything you build up the courage to try – either you’ll like it or you won’t and that’s okay.  Don’t be discouraged just try something else.  This is an opportunity for you to grow and learn more about yourself.  You’ll learn some likes and dislikes you didn’t know about – so go into it with an open mind.
  2. Open up to the possibility of sharing your life with others. Maybe you’ll meet someone who will become your best friend, lover, or future spouse only time will tell. Maybe you’ll just be friends or maybe you’ll learn that not everyone that smiles with you is your friend. Either way there is an opportunity to learn something about others as well as yourself.
  3. Change is good and is sometimes necessary for betterment to take place.  It is good to change-up our routine sometimes and create new ones. This could be as simple as taking a different route to work or home; . It could even be eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread, adding a fruit and vegetables to our daily meal plan.  This will help to foster greater flexibility and adaptability in your life.  Change can be good for you so rather than run from it sometimes based on the potential benefits and lessons to be learnt we should embrace it.
  4. The unknown or future is just that because no one knows what the future holds.    Hiding or shutting ourselves away from others and not participating in life does not help prepare us for the future if nothing else it can put us at a disadvantage. We should choose to live, love, learn and grow each and everyday and trust that our plans will workout in our favour when that time comes.

Stretch yourself, stretch your understanding, stretch your experiences, stretch your opportunities, stretch your relationships, stretch your body, mind and spirit. With each day that goes by understand that the only thing keeping you back is YOU. 

Don’t let fear limit your possibilities for growth, wisdom and understanding.

Just take it one day at a time. 🙂

The Benjamins and the Hopefuls


Lea by: Firkin

Let me tell you a story about two families – the Benjamins and the Hopefuls.   The Benjamins were a very wealthy family. They had two sons Sam and Samuel both of whom attended private school.  Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin spent all of their time working and had little time to spend with their children.  Their sons were usually left in the care of their nanny Elsa. She was an old woman who was always very nice and kind to them.

Mr. Benjamin learnt from an early age that he had to work hard for what he wanted and he honestly believed that the sacrifice he was making would spare his sons the tough lessons he had to learn growing up.

He was proud of his accomplishments and his sons but he would never tell them. Instead, whenever Mr. Benjamin and his sons would cross paths in the hallway of their home he would always stop them and say, “Everything I’m doing, is for you” and they would always shake their heads and answer, “Yes, father. We understand“. Then they would all continue on their way to wherever they were going as they would try to stay out of each other’s way.

The truth is, Sam and Samuel didn’t understand.  In fact, the more time that passed the more resentful they became. They did not understand why having money and riches didn’t make them happy.

The Hopefuls on the other hand, were simple people. They were crop farmers and owned a modest piece of agricultural land.  They had twins a boy and a girl, Adam and Angelina.  Mr. and Mrs. Hopeful were hard-working, kind and humble people. They were not rich in material things but found value in each other.  They made the most of everything they had and always believed in teaching their children about the value of a dollar, good manners, responsibility, life skills, independence, respect, integrity, gratitude and forgiveness.

Mr. Hopeful was a very serious man but when it came to his children his heart would melt like butter. He would play with them in the field, go swimming and even take them hunting.  He treated his children equally.  Mrs. Hopeful would help them with their homework and would encourage them to assist with the chores around the house.  At bedtime she would read to them and kiss them on their foreheads. Before she would leave the room she would always say to them, “It does not matter where you start in this race called life; all that matters is how you finish.”

Adam and Angelina were always well-behaved and well-mannered.  They knew their parents loved them. Even though they did not have all of the things the other children had they never felt as though they lacked anything.  They always supported and looked out for each other.

As time went by the children in both families grew up and eventually took over the respective businesses their parents had left them.  Mr. Benjamin eventually died from a heart-attack.  Mrs. Benjamin died from a broken heart soon after.   It seems the death of her husband was too much for her.   Mr. and Mrs. Hopeful unfortunately died in a car accident later that year.

Sam and Samuel could not cope with the death of their parents. They felt alone and did not feel they were equipped to run the family business.  Sam, the younger of the two started doing drugs and hanging out with the wrong people while Samuel turned to drinking and gambling. Needless to say, the once respected Benjamin name within two years had crumbled to nothing.  The banks seized all of their properties and they had to file for bankruptcy.  Sam was eventually imprisoned for drug possession and Samuel died in a car accident. The pressures of life seemed too much.

Adam and Angelina both missed their parents terribly but knew they had each other. They stuck together and worked hard to build and grow the family business.  They had done so well that they were featured in the town’s newspaper.  They eventually expanded and opened ‘The Hopeful’s Vegetables and Poultry Market’.  All the lessons they had learnt as children growing up had prepared them for life.

Their once modest agricultural land had expanded into two and a half acres.  As they sat on the porch looking at the beautiful sunset and all the blessings they had received they could not help but remember those words their mother would recite to them before bed, “It does not matter  where you start in this race called life; all that matters is how you finish.”

This was my first short story. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂