Music Reflection Mondays #17 – The Musically Gifted


Music reflection is about the love of the music and the artists who touch our hearts and saturate our minds and souls with their music and lyrics.  As I lie here tonight, I am literally in tears watching and listening to some amazing and talented performers on Most Emotional Auditions Ever X Factor Global.  These individuals are truly special and I know we are fortunate to stumble upon new talents every year and I’m grateful for that.  They were so inspirational and touching in their delivery.

Music gives us so much more than just a song – it gives us a sneak peek not only into the artist mind and heart but into his or her life at that moment of writing that song especially for those who typically write their own music.  When life is good and love is in the air we know and similarly if their heart has been broken we get that sense as well. They share a little bit of themselves with us and some a little more.

Music is a form of expression that a gifted group of people can do really well.  It does not matter if it is instrumental or vocal because it is still beautiful.   It connects us and provides us with a unique way to tap into our feelings and emotions.   It can help make life challenges a little easier. As tears sometimes flood the soul releasing the pressure that we sometimes have difficulty relieving ourselves.

Remember, to make time to stop and listen to the music while you smell the roses.

Have a blessed night. Thank you for stopping by.