Music Reflection Mondays #15

Good Morning everyone! Pleasant Monday greetings to each of you. 🙂  How was your weekend?  My weekend was full of heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning so I stayed indoors. 

Although the sun has graced our beautiful sky this morning it is clear that the clouds still have a mouthful to say as they make every effort to push the sun out of the way.  I won’t let them dampen my mood though and neither should you.  🙂


For today’s post let’s look at some songs that I just can’t get out of my head lately.

Are any of your favourites listed above?  Please share what song or songs are just stuck in your head lately.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day and a blessed week.


Music Reflection Mondays #13 (originally posted 25.09.2017)

Hello and welcome back to Music Reflection Mondays. Today we’re going to be looking at songs from movies that leave lasting impressions with us.  Some of these songs came out before some of the movies and some were written just for the movies.

Either way they get us feeling and getting caught up in our emotions at the time and sometimes even after as we look back.  I know I do for certain songs I’ll mark them below with (*) asterisks.

Let’s get into it.   Here are my top 20 songs and the movies we associate them with.

  1. I will always love you *- by Whitney Houston  from the movie “The Bodyguard”
  2. Bad Boys   – by Inner Circle  from the movie “Bad Boys 2” and it is also the theme song for Fox Network show COPS.
  3. Men In Black – by Will Smith from the movie “Men in Black
  4. Staying Alive – by Bee Gees from the movie “Saturday Night Fever
  5. Night Fever – by Bee Gees from the movie “Saturday Night Fever”
  6. Gangsta’s Paradise – by Coolio feat. L.V. in the movie “Dangerous Minds
  7. Independent Women Pt. 1 *- by Destiny’s Child in the movie “Charlie’s Angels”
  8. Footloose -by Kenny Loggins in the movie “Footloose
  9. Ghostbusters – by Ray Parker Jr. in the movie “Ghostbusters”
  10. Kiss From A Rose *- by Seal in the movie “Batman Forever”
  11. Maniac – by Michael Sembello in the movie “Flashdance”
  12. I Believe I Can Fly – by R. Kelly in the movie “Space Jam”
  13. Lose Yourself – by Eminem in the movie “8 Mile”
  14. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing *- by Aerosmith in the movie “Armageddon”
  15. Lady Marmalade – by Christina Aguilera, Mýa, Pink and Lil’ Kim  in the movie”Moulin Rouge
  16. My Heart Will Go On – by Celine Dion in the movie “Titanic”
  17. It Must Have Been Love – by Roxette in the movie “Pretty Woman”
  18. I had the time of my Life *- by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes in the movie “Dirty Dancing
  19. Good Life – by G. Eazy and Kehlani in the movie “The Fate of the Furious”
  20. See You Again *- by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth in the movie “Furious 7″

Do we share any favourites?  I would love to know.  As always thank you for taking time to visit and comment.

I hope my list brought back some memories. 🙂  Can you think of any other songs and movies that we could add to this list?  Feel free to make mention below.

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday so far.  Make the rest of the week a great one.  Thanks for stopping by.