What does AWESOME mean to you?

According to dictionary.com, awesome means “causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration or fear.”  Thesaurus.com even listed some synonyms for awesome some of which included: “astonishing, breathtaking, beautiful, impressive, majestic, magnificent, stupefying, shocking, overwhelming.”.

What does awesome mean to you?

For different people awesome would mean something different and dear to them based on their situation.  For instance, for some awesome would be becoming debt free in 2018. For someone else, awesome would be overcoming a life long illness.

For another, it could mean seeing a loved one give his or her life to Jesus Christ.  It could be getting out of poverty.  It could be as simple as passing an exam or as serious as beating death.  Awesome, is all of these things and more.

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Awesome” is a word I would use to describe an event or something in my life that has brought or brings me joy and happiness.   If I could use one word to describe awesome in my life I would say God.

God is awesome! He has been awesome to my family and me even when we were not always deserving.

At times, we overlook the little things and sometimes the big things in our lives because we get caught up in ourselves.  Self-absorbed with our strengths, our talents and our own ‘greatness’.   When we do this, we don’t acknowledge how awesome God has been and IS to us. 

All of the success we have ever achieved was because of the grace and favour of God.

  • He is the reason we are still here breathing today.
  • He is the reason why the opportunities are coming our way.
  • He is the reason we commute safely back and forth from destination to destination.
  • He is the reason we experience so much favour in our lives.
  • He is the reason we always have food to eat.
  • He is the reason death has not gotten his grip on us yet.
  • He is the reason we were able to overcome during that season or seasons in our lives when we wanted to give up.
  • He is the reason we are able to keep going even though we’re physically and mentally exhausted.
  • He is the reason our vehicles still work even though there is work to be done on them.
  • He is the reason we still have a roof over our heads when some people are forced to give up their homes because they can no longer pay for them.
  • He is the reason we still have an income even though the economic situation is a mess and people lose their jobs daily.
  • He is the reason why the enemy has not gotten his desire over our lives.
  • He is the reason we can lift our heads up in spite of the pain or trials we may be facing and still do all that we have to do.

It is not because we deserve it but because of HIS undying love for us.

It is HIS love for US that is awesome. You see even in our stubbornness, disobedience, ignorance and brokenness HE loves us as HIS sons and daughters. He only wants what is best for us.

It is HIS mercy for US that is awesome. He is quick to forgive us if we ask Him to forgive us. If we could show that same mercy to others; this world would be a better place.

It is HIS grace for US that is awesome. It is because of HIS grace we are able to be called HIS children.  It is this grace that has kept HIM close to us.

He does for us what we often cannot DO for ourselves.  He is our Father, our Protector, our Lord, our Saviour, our Deliverer and our Healing.

He is my AWESOME and He is yours too.  You just may not have realized it.

Don’t wait for sickness, loss or hardships to call out to Him.  Don’t wait for desperation to seek a relationship with Him.  Don’t wait for sorrow to let Him hear your voice.  Don’t wait for your heart to break to find Him.

He wants you to know Him even in your happiness.  He wants you to know that He loves and cares for You.

God is love. God is hope. God is life and God wants you!

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Have a blessed day.  I pray that this messages blesses someone as much if not more than it has blessed me sharing it.

Thank you for making this blog one of your stops on this journey called life. 🙂

Author: Cherylene

Cherylene, is an aspiring writer whose desire is to help people nurture and develop the best version of themselves. Through her writing she hopes to encourage her readers to dig deep both spiritually and mentally to heal and enlighten the mind, body and spirit.

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